7 Wellness Hacks to keep you Inspired during Lockdown

It is so important in these worrying times to prioritise your mental and physical health. Wellness should be a really important part of your routine. Here are some hacks to make sure that you keep wellness a priority during lockdown.

Prioritise your health.

Walk, cycle or run when you can. There are also lots of free exercises and workouts on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook to take advantage of. These workouts can help you to stay fit without leaving the house. See our other blog post 5 Female Fitness Experts to Follow for some great fitness ideas. In addition to your daily exercise, please make sure that you are taking regular breaks from work as well.

Get a good night of sleep.

This is obviously easier said than done and I am one of those that really struggles to sleep. However, rest is crucial to your mood and how you perform tasks. Put your phone down before you go to bed. According to scientists, the blue light emitted from the phone can reduce the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that controls your sleep cycle. Instead of watching the TV or tablet, looking at your computer or your phone try reading a book instead. I am currently reading Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty and I cannot put it down.

Stay hydrated.

Since working from home I have noticed that I drink less water. It is really important to keep hydrated throughout the day, keep filling up your glass or bottle throughout the day. You might need to swap the caffeine for water and see if it makes a difference.

Balanced diet.

A balanced diet gives us lots of energy and keeps us motivated. I have found it really hard and have been using chocolate as motivation. I do not encourage this. Find a replacement for the unhealthy snacks. Swap chocolate for raisins or grapes and swap fatty crisps for popcorn. Turn having a balanced diet into something that is fun. You could assign different days to different members of the family where they can cook a balanced meal. 

Set aside time to maintain connections.

Unfortunately, in the current situation we are not able to go out and socialise with anyone outside of our household. However, there are so many ways to keep in contact with people. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp or Zoom. By connecting with people you can help protect your own mental health but you also could be helping someone else’s mental health. 

Let go of the little things.

During this time we are having to spend a lot more time with the people we live with, so it is important to let go of the little things. Make sure you’re being proactive and addressing situations when they occur and letting go of issues instead of hanging onto them. Appreciate the time you have together instead of resenting it. 

And breathe.

Make sure that you are taking some time for yourself during the week. Find yourself a safe space in your home and make sure you’re taking half an hour to do something for yourself. You could do some meditating where you lie down with your hands and your stomach focusing on your breath. You could also read or watch your favourite guilty pleasure TV show or even treat yourself to a glass of wine or a G&T. 

I hope these hacks help maintain a healthy wellbeing during this confusing and worrying time. Make sure you keep yourself fit and healthy and look after yourself. If you are struggling with your wellness and your mental health, please make sure you reach out to someone. 

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