5 Female Fitness Experts to Follow

During this lockdown period, our social media feeds have become inundated with workouts from professionals and novices. If you’re like us though, you tend to find yourself lying in bed instead.

It may seem difficult to stay motivated right now, but exercise isn’t just beneficial for weight loss; it improves mental health, especially depression and anxiety. Not to mention, it has a positive impact on your heart and other organs. Working out also keeps your immune system up, which is critical given the current climate.

Now, we’re not saying you have to do it every single day. That’s pure Gossip Girl time wasted. However, spending ten to thirty minutes every other day might just get you out of that self-isolation slump.

Sarah’s Day
Sarah is an Australian holistic and fitness expert who lives by the mantra: ‘Listen To Your Body’. A believer in a holistic approach to life, Sarah’s videos range from recipes, workouts and day in the life vlogs. Growing up, she suffered with hormonal acne and found comfort in Youtube. Sarah loved researching holistic ways to help which encouraged her to start her own.

Lucy Wyndham-Read
Lucy has over 20 years of fitness experience and knows exactly how to change your body in a short space of time. Her HIIT-inspired workouts come in 30 day challenges, 7 minute workouts or stand-alone videos. With over 900 videos on her channel, there’s more than enough for a different workout each day of lockdown.

Alice Liveing
Alice is a personal trainer from London. Even before lockdown, she was regularly posting her workouts on the ‘gram as inspiration and has now modified these to be apartment friendly. A mixture of bodyweight and weights workout routines fill her feed. 

Carly Rowena 
Carly is a Norwich based personal trainer who also films workouts for Instagram and YouTube. Easter Monday is the start of her new YouTube series – a 14 day #StayHomeSweat challenge. Who will be joining the Smart Girl Tribe team?

Yoga With Adriene 
If the thought of actual, real-life cardio is too much to handle (I get it), why not try yoga? Not only does it improve flexibility, it also reduces anxiety and brings a sense of calm. Adriene has one of the biggest yoga channels on YouTube and has multiple series, the latest of which being her 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. 

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