Simple ways to cope living with family during COVID-19

Most of us are self-isolating with family or our partner. Of course, there are some positives. There are though some struggles that you’ll inevitably face. Here is a list of ways to deal with all the commotion that can come with living with your family during these times.

Give yourself space and time to yourself. Take yourself away to a separate room and watch some TV, read or call a friend. If you can’t go to another room, plug some headphones in and go for a walk. Just schedule some time to spend it with yourself.

Set some rules. It is really important to establish some rules. For example, a lot of people working from home have morning meetings. Give that person the opportunity to have the conversation by themselves with peace and quiet where possible. Make sure you have designated workstations that you stick to as well. Either agree to share the dining room table or work in separate rooms. Your rules could also include who makes lunch or dinner and who is doing the washing up.

Do fun things together. Make sure that you are still making time to have fun with whoever you are in self-isolation with. Have a movie night, play a game, do a puzzle, order a takeaway (if you still can,) cook a meal together, etc. Ensure that your weeks are not just filled with work.

Respect the needs and feelings of the other people you are with. Regularly check in on the people you live with (as well as the people you don’t). Everyone is coping differently so respect the needs and feelings of the people in your household.

Establish a routine. This is pivotal for your mental health. Create a strong morning routine and stick to it, this could mean stretching, journalling or meditating. Factor in space and time for yourself, have some rules and boundaries. Set yourself up for success.

If you are self-isolating by yourself, reach out to family and friends on a regular basis. Please call your GP or 111 if you’re really struggling with your mental health. 

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