6 of the most fun home date ideas

During these testing times it is important to experimenting with different date ideas. Here are some ideas to keep yourself entertained during self-isolation.


Now, you might be thinking that you live with your partner and cook for each other all the time. Introduce a cook off with your partner. You could approach this in two different ways. The first way could be to cook individually with different ingredients and cook something they are not expecting or go for a ‘Ready, Steady, cook’ approach and have the same ingredients and come up with different recipes. You could then rank these ideas out of ten and see who wins. Competition is never a bad thing. You could even jazz it up by blindfolding your partner while they are eating your food. 

Write a love-letter

This is actually a really sentimental thing to do in quite in testing times. If you live with your partner then you might be spending a lot more time with them then you normally would, which can lead to some tension. Writing a love letter or a card just letting them know how much you love and appreciate them during this uncertain time is something they might really appreciate. 

Workout together

This is really just an excuse to see your partner get all hot and sweaty really! Currently we are not able to go out to gyms so doing a home workout or a partner workout with your significant other is not only a way to keep yourself fit and healthy, but also a way to get yourselves a bit hot and sweaty. If you need any help finding partner workouts there are tonnes on YouTube, failing that most gyms are now offering live workouts or recorded classes. 


This is for the couples trying to navigate their way through dating. Have a glass of wine, watch a film, have dinner all while Skyping each other. This ensures that you are still communicating and making time for each other.

Plan an adventure

Many of us have already had holidays postponed. You might not be able to go away as planned but now you have more time to plan more activities to add on. You may even find ourself adapting your plans to include something originally not on your list. If you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t had travel plans disrupted, think about adventures you would like to take with your partner when these times have passed.

Have a movie fortnight

This is a simple but reliable date night. Go through your DVD collection or streaming services and make a list of all the films and show you want to power through. Make sure though you balance your binge watching with exercise, reading and rest.

Remember Tribers to keep yourselves happy and healthy. If you feel overwhelmed or your mood is low, talk to a loved one about your concerns.

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