You protested, now what? Everything to do post-march.

protestIn both the UK and US, protests and marches are calling for justice and police reform.

Protests can be a powerful way to come together and drive change. However, what happens now? There is so much more work to be done and here at Smart Girl Tribe we want to help you. Here are various ways you can help and stay active in helping the BLM community.

Host a virtual protest

On Sunday, a virtual Black Lives Matter protest was set up in Bristol for anyone not attending the London protests with more following suit. Saturday’s march in London even saw 22,000 join from Zoom, Facebook Live and Instagram.

Apollo Sankara says: “This isn’t just a moment, this is a movement.  Why are we angry? That question in itself has many answers. Seeing the execution of members in our community play on our phones, on our news outlets as a starter. It’s corroding. We see what’s happening not just Stateside, but globally.  It eats you inside and essentially paralyses you.”

Why not host a virtual protest of your own? You can call your friends and family members together, they can help spread the word.

Spread information

Through Twitter, in your group chats, on your feed. Share any resources that you think could be helpful for protestors. On Instagram, we have shared essential lists full of resources such as books, podcasts, TV shows and organisations you can donate to. Find them here.


Contact officials

Continue to call your elected officials (US) and local MPs (UK) and demand reform and justice. You can do this over the phone or by email. Here’s an email written by Instagram user Maasai Godwin to get you started.

Pay bail

For our American readers, there are countless bail funds accepting donations, which will in turn help to combat our country’s mass incarceration problem. You’ve probably heard of the Minnesota Freedom Fund, here are some more to consider:

The Louisville Community Bail Fund

The Chicago Community Bond Fund

The Peoples City Council Freedom Fund

Restoring Justice

The Colorado Freedom Fund

The Columbus Freedom Fund

The Liberty Fund

In the UK, here are further organisations to support the BLM community.

Antiracist research and policy centre

Audre Lorde project

Black Women’s blueprint

Equal justice initiative

Families belong together

Muslim girl

Showing up for racial justice


United we dream

The leadership conference on civil and human rights

Sign petitions

You’ve heard it already, but keep adding your name to petitions.

In America, text FLOYD to 55156 to sign Color of Change’s petition calling on Mayor Frey to block the Minneapolis officers from receiving their pensions and from becoming officers again and demands that charges be brought upon every office involved in the death of George Floyd. has a similar petition.

Sign Run With Ahmaud’s petition to ensure he gets the justice he deserves.

This “super-petition” demands that “Louisville Metro Council pass new rules banning the use of no-knock raids like the one used to break into Breonna’s home” and automatically contacts the appropriate government reps.

Stay active

Keep speaking out against injustice and for police reform on social media, to your parents, coworkers, friends. Put your money, time, and effort where your black box on Instagram is. Across social media you can also use #CREATECHANGENOW.

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