How I organise my life and work perfectly

Wearing many hats (podcaster, editor, writer, speaker, social media manager), it’s imperative I stay organised. It probably helps that I am a typical Aries though and slightly freak out if things aren’t in order. Below are just a few of my handy tips.  Organisation helps my anxiety massively, not to mention I’m a true geek and love keeping on top of things.


Every morning I write out my to-do list in my Paperchase planner.  It is currently out of stock but as soon as it’s available again I will post it on my Instagram. It’s a beautiful pink planner which has enough space to plan each month but write notes and goals. Being fairly large, I use my Smythson pocket book to carry in my handbag. My first Smythson pocket book was a gift, it had my initials on it and I have kept up with the tradition ever since.


As you tribers know, I spend almost as much time out of the country as I do at home. Constantly travelling means it’s a lot easier to have my iPad with me so I can blog everywhere. No matter if I’m on a train, in a car, on a plane or anywhere in the world I can whip it out and write whatever is on my mind.

For photos I use the iPhone 11 Pro, the camera being such an impact tool now it’s great to have to hand. I see my iPhone as the lazy girl’s answer to taking beautiful photos. I’m not an influencer but love connecting with you online and pretty photos help that (and my feed look consistent). Not that you have to go out and buy a new phone at all. Until 2016 I stuck with my trusty iPhone 5.

The equipment I am asked about most is for the podcast. ‘The Smart Girl Tribe podcast is now top-rated and in Australia too which has definitely pushed me to smooth out my podcasting skills. I use this mic which I purchased from Amazon, it’s really easy to use (I’m ironically a technophobe) and then GarageBand to edit my podcasts. Of course, you could use more professional software or even a studio. For now though, I love the idea that I can podcast from anywhere around the world. You may have seen on my social media that I use two pairs of headphones, my AirPods and my Urban Ears wired headphones. The AirPods are fantastic if you’re on a long car journey or on a plane but I personally prefer to use my wired ones for listening back to podcast episodes.


Day to day, like most businesswomen I use the already built-in apps on my iPhone. I communicate via email the majority of the time and use the Notes app. I have recently downloaded Google Calendar.  It is saving me a lot of time and enables me to remain organised even whenever my planner isn’t with me. During COVID-19 I started using Zoom a lot more, just like the rest of the world.  However, I also use Skype and/or FaceTime.





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