What it means to be a feminist entrepreneur

feminist entrepreneurWe believe that behind the trend of female entrepreneurship is a desire from women to be independent and unrestrained in their actions, and to push through barriers that previously existed. This is feminism, and we believe that this is playing a huge role in the expansion of female entrepreneurship.

Genderbuzz is a platform created by women, built by women, and led by women. As a leading feminist business directory, Genderbuzz brings the focus on gender parity and female talent as we work towards a female-led and female-positive business world. Founded by Natasha Stromberg, she tells us the 4 ways you can benefit from being a feminist entrepreneur:

You can design your own destiny

Feminism’s intersection with entrepreneurialism can be very fruitful for your business. Feminist women by their very nature design their own destiny, which makes them great entrepreneurs, free from the shackles of fitting in.

You can be bold and unapologetic

In the fiercely competitive and sometimes cutthroat world of business, a fiery feminist philosophy can be your biggest asset. When you’re bold and authentic in your opinions you tend to stand out from the crowd and your voice rises to the top. This fierce feminist attitude is ESSENTIAL for getting you and your business noticed.

Your modern outlook gives you an edge

Being unapologetically feminist means that you see things as they can be rather than as they have been until now. You see the world as one of equals and you’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. This allows you to innovate more easily than those who are walking a tried and tested path.

You aspire towards something bigger than yourself

This is key because it keeps the entrepreneurial fire burning inside. When your business becomes about the wider goal of feminism and not just about yourself, your sense of purpose will see you through the tough times which inevitably come with being an entrepreneur.

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