College movies to prep you

pp 1As moving in day draws closer, some of you might want to catch up on some feel good university movies. Heres a few that Ive found which are my favourites, and some are a good example for student/ university life.


Legally Blonde – ELLE WOODS FOR PRESIDENT. Elle Woods is a blonde sorority chick who has a slightly misogynistic boyfriend. At first she only cares about her materialistic lifestyle. Then, she has a revelation: she’s going to get accepted to Harvard Law School and win her boyfriend back. Along the way she defeats all stereotypes about blondes and succeeds in her studies. We need to have Elle Woodspositive mentality, as she defeated her stereotypes and exceeded peoplesopinions of her. Its a hearty tale of overcoming difficulties and pursuing dreams. And who doesn’t love a bit of pink.


Accepted – I kind of wish this film happened in real life though. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that and obviously its good to work towards a goal. Hopefully no one will be rejected by any universities of their choice, but this movie shows a handful of students being constantly declined by all universities. I think the importance of this movie is shown within the characters, as they band together, renovate an old hospital into a school and support each other in their passions (however crazy they are).


Good Will Hunting – This is a real chilling tale, that the smartest of brains are stuck in the worst situations possible. Will Hunting has an amazing brain that can solve algebraic problems that most of us find impossible. Living in a poor neighbourhood and getting by by meaningless jobs, Will is tutored and has frequent visits to a psychiatrist to get him on the right track. Its a touching story about how much one can sacrifice his potential to fit in with the guys in his neighbourhood; but he is given a real wake up call when he realises what his best friend thinks of him, I mean, you’re sittin’ on a winning lottery ticket and you’re too much of a p*ssy to cash it in. And that’s b*llsh*t.. Here Ben Affleck is saying that he has a chance of a better life if he goes to university. So if any of you out there who isnt going to Uni this year because of friends choices, have a real hard think about your future. Hopefully youll make the right choice for you, and no one else.


Pitch Perfect – I only dream of the Barden Bellas existing in the real world. Pitch Perfect was an amazing example that shows The joining of groups to display their passions is common at universities. At every university there are hundreds of societies for you to join, make new friends and find your passion. The societies give an extra something to your university career and maybe, just maybe youll be just as cool as the Barden Bellas. This movie is one of my favourites and its aca-awesome.


Project X – although extremely unrealistic, and not a college movie, I thought that Project X deserved a quick mention. The movie shows how an attempt at getting popular backfires (or does it?) and how a single party gets out of control. Freshers week at college is going to be an amazing time to make new friends and just have a blast, lets just hope it doesn’t get out of control like this one. However we still hope therell be some craziness. Everything in moderation guys, except moderation.


Honourable mentions: Monsters University, American Pie (not a college film, but still a goodie), 21 & Over.

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