10 things I wish I had known senior year

piccy 2Senior Year of college may seem like it will be a breeze compared to your freshmen year. After all, you now know the ropes of your campus. You may have similar teachers from your previous semesters. Maybe you left easy and fun classes for last. But, you can never go into your senior year too prepared. Here are 10 things I wish I’d known for my senior year:


1. If you have a thesis, try to do some of your research early and set up strict due dates for yourself. Thesis can easily slip away from you and make you feel like it will never be over. Setting up your own smaller personal due dates for your assignments earlier then the actual due dates can help relieve stress. If you break up some of the pieces of your thesis it can help you feel less overwhelmed. It also helps to keep your thesis organized and continuing at one set pace allocated by you.


2. Be on top of your own scheduling. Do not just take an answer from one advisor. In college you should always check with multiple advisors to make sure your program is on track. If there is an office in your college set apart for advisement, make sure you also run a schedule by a person there. It’s those peoples only job to work with students and their program schedule.


3. If your college requires you to apply for graduation, do it! You wont be able to graduate without doing this. You may also receive information on classes you must take before you can graduate. The requirement is usually marked by credits, not class seniority.


4. Be on top of your graduate school due dates and requirements. As soon as your junior year-ends, you can start researching the due dates and requirements. It is better to ask professors for recommendation letters sooner then later.


5. Ask for recommendation letters from your professors even if you do not plan to pursue further education. You never know when they may come in handy.


6. You do not have to be a senior to go to graduate school fairs.


7. Internships are a great way to lead into working in a field supporting your study. If you are a journalism student, intern at a Newspaper. If you are a Biology student, intern at a hospital or veterinary clinic. Some of these internships can lead to jobs and if not it looks great on a resume.


8. Another good activity to place on a resume is volunteer work, plus it’s always nice to do a good deed.


9.  Do not forget to take breaks and have fun. It is your senior year, you should be happy. You are graduating! Be involved in your schools actives for seniors. Go out with friends and to parties or stay home for a sleep over.

10. Remember to have some type of support system. Whether it’s a best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, family, or pet, always keep them close. They will always help and support you if everything else is getting you down.

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