Your first job! What nobody tells you!

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Nobody truly knows what to expect when walking into his or her first job. Some people dread the day and some people are excited for the new experience. Take your first job experience in your stride. The following are some tips nobody tells you about:

Be mindful of days that you need off and give ample notice to your new employee. Try not to take days off too close to when you first start the job. Your schedule will focus more around your job, then around the rest of your life. You may have to concede and work holidays, so make sure to schedule time around your vacation if you need. The more advanced you are about scheduling your time off, the better.

Leave your problems at the door before you walk into work. It’s great meeting friends once settled into your new role but don’t discuss personal problems, remember Whitney and Olivia? Your problems are to be left at the door. Fostering a bad attitude in the work place will cause you problems with clients, other employees, or bosses. Always have a smile when you walk into work, even if you are hopelessly miserable inside. This may sound harsh, but the work place is not a place for petty arguments or a therapy session. Work is not high-school, and your employer does not have to take your crap.

When you are first starting out at a job, go above and beyond. Take extra hours if they come your way, try to be helpful by doing things without being told, and always be productive. If you have down time, do not be standing around. Instead, go above and beyond, your bosses will notice it. Yes, legally you are required to get a break or lunch, but often or some days, you may not get one. A lot of employees eat on the go.

DO NOT ADD YOUR COWORKERS OR BOSSES ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Yes, I feel like this is necessary to be in caps. I often see this mistake made numerous times. You may have friends in your work field, but if you are calling in sick and are really nursing yourself back to life from a late night party, social media is the best way to be ‘caught’. Your ‘friends’ may sell you out to your boss, or bosses could see it for themselves. Make sure when working that your social media profiles are private.

Do not accept everything your bosses tell you. There is a certain point up to where you need to be passive. But, that does not mean you should not defend yourself or what you want. Learn this balance so your job does not walk all over you.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Some work places do not train you. If you are unsure of something clarify it. Do not be overly annoying with your questions, but make sure you understand what is being asked of you.

Mistakes are okay and will happen eventually. Do not take these mistakes as a momentous catastrophe. Own up to your mistakes, learn to not make the same mistake again, and try to ask questions to understand how to avoid similar mistakes.

Remember that your fellow employees started out just like you. They all entered the job not sure what to expect. Look at these people as success stories to give you a positive outlook that you can get into the swing of your new job. You can do it!

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