You should step away from your major

classChoosing your major is a huge step in college! You get to decide on a topic to study and then get a degree in something that you’re passionate about; it’s incredible! You get to grow as a student and really gain insight during those classes. Now most of the time you tend to stick with your major classes, but have you ever thought about taking classes that aren’t in your major?

During college you want to soak up as much information as possible. You want to learn as much as you can for the money you pay right? So, when signing up for classes for the next term, look at others that maybe aren’t in your specific major. For example, if you are a communication major you could take a class that has to do with marketing or business. It’s like picking out an internship that will help you for your career. Learning about marketing patterns can help you as a public relations professional in fashion. It’s all about taking small pieces of information to make the bigger picture.

A lot of schools today require a minor along with your major. That’s basically a sub major for your degree. For example, a Communications major can have a Creative Writing minor when they graduate. So think about choosing classes in that way. Do your research on other schools within your university and see if any interest you. Most departments require an introduction class to be taken beforehand, and that is to see if the class interests you in the first place. That is a great place to start looking! A Journalism student might take business class if they want to own their own production studio one day.

In college, the world is your oyster so take advantage of that! Join groups or clubs that interest you and take classes that will benefit you. It’s all about balancing your time and deciding what’s best for you. If you find a class that sounds really interesting, see if you can get into it the following semester. Emailing the professor isn’t a bad thing! Engage yourself and grow so you can graduate with a plethora of knowledge.

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