What to expect at a Smart Girl Tribe Summit

SummitPersonal development events are my favourite thing in the entire world. They fire me up, set my soul on fire and genuinely make me feel as though everything is possible.

I started Smart Girl Tribe at 19-years-old and so throughout the years have attended thousands of business and networking events. I have been blessed enough to attend some incredible influencer events too. However, the one event I was looking for didn’t exist. I was hoping to attend a business event for women that would be as beautiful and fun as an influencer event. That idea is what led me to plan my very first Smart Girl Tribe Summit back in 2019 and here is everything you will gain from attending this year’s.

Chances are you’re reading this because you’ve bought a ticket for one of the Summits or  you’re considering buying a ticket but want to understand everything that is going to go down there. So here it is, I wanted to give some insight on what to expect when you attend a Smart Girl Tribe Summit.


The main reason to attend a Smart Girl Tribe Summit is to acquire new tools for your tool kit. There will be multiple expert panellists, from all different walks of life. They each have something that makes you think differently and ask yourself better questions. Not only that but we also have Made in Chelsea starlet Caggie Dunlop speaking at our next event, all about wellness, starting over, building a brand and launching a successful podcast.


Smart Girl Tribe is essentially a community of fearless, fierce women. Women who want the tools to build a greater life for themselves. For so long, I didn’t have my Sex and the City girlfriends. I then realised how many other female creatives and founders must be feeling the same. That’s why at the very beginning of a Summit there are a couple of exercises for you to get to know one another. Not only will your soul-sisters and girl-gang be at the Summit, but potentially your next mentor or client.

Hear from Me 

The Smart Girl Tribe Summit has a very specific objective. We provide you with the tools you need to design a life and business you love. The team and I have spent years designing lessons and teachings that will help you tap into your highest self. They will also help you figure out what is blocking you from achieving your goals. Before the panellists you will have a chance to hear from me. Where you’ll have the chance to ask me any question you like.

Your soul will be on fire 

People attend personal development conferences for a variety of different reasons, but the main one is to take action and make change. Whether you are feeling lost, hoping for a helping hand, want to connect with your soul-sisters or fancy a fun business night out then this Summit is for you.

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