Wellness products you need in your twenties


Let’s talk about your wellness. The top five stress symptoms causing missed work days are constant fatigue (29%); sleeplessness (26%); aches and pains (24%); high anxiety (23%) and weight gain (18%).

Anxiety and stress can be silent killers. It is pivotal you put yourself first, especially when it comes to your overall wellbeing. Here are some products that will help you focus on you and not on your busy life.

Lavender spray

Sometimes it can be difficult to sleep and let go of the day you have had. Using lavender spray can make a dramatic difference.  Spray the lavender spray a few times over your pillows and the top of your sheets, give it a couple of minutes to settle and then get into bed and take some deep breaths.

Coconut oil

This product is hard to escape. It is everywhere and can do anything. It moisturises skin, reduces cellulite, can be used for cooking, throat lozenge, oil pulling, as make up remover, a wrinkle reducer and even for tattoo care. I use it to care for tattoos, as part of my hair care routine and as a lip balm. This product is great for someone in their twenties. Just make sure you are not using the same tub of coconut oil for cooking and for personal uses.

Activated charcoal

This is something that I have been researching a lot recently. Activated charcoal can come in many different forms including a powder or a pill. It is meant to be a super product that can help relieve IBS symptoms, whiten teeth and cleanse your body of all those nasty toxins after a long night out. Result.

Dry brushing

I love dry brushing. Dry brushing is a quick and easy way to get some wellness into your life. It helps you to look after your skin the same way you look after your hair. Dry brushing reduces cellulite, exfoliates dead skin and helps to remove toxins from your body and all in five minutes. You can add coconut butter and different body oils to make the process a little bit more comfortable too.  So if are like me and constantly finding ways to get rid of cellulite and remove all those unwanted toxins from your body then give it a go. You can buy one here. 

Digital detox

Put your phone down. We live in a society where looking at your phone is more important than having a conversation. Don’t get me wrong I love looking at Instagram and texting but I also know when to put the phone down and give yourself a break. Take the time to put your phone, computer, tablet or any other device down and have a conversation with someone or take yourself out for a walk. It’s a good and healthy idea to detach yourself from technology every now and then to reconnect with something other than a digital screen. Walk, talk, relax now and scroll later.

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