Wearing yellow

Summer is finally here, and many of you will soon be busy picking their summer wardrobe (while others may have started doing this with the first sunshine…). Although some fashionistas refuse to stop wearing black no matter what the trends of the season are, one of the first colours that come to mind when you think about fun in the sun is yellow. Despite the general scepticism surrounding this colour, celebrities amongst whom Elizabeth Olsen and Olivia Palermo have successfully demonstrated that you do not need to have extra-tanned or dark skin and black hair in order to look great in it. Surely girls with these characteristics can make bold choices and fill their wardrobe with yellow dresses and tops. However, the key to feeling confident in yellow if your looks are not exotic is to avoid the ‘total yellow’ look and to choose it for a few items instead, while coordinating it with neutral colours such as white. There are many easy ways to do this:

Yellow skirt If you have legs to show off, opt for a high-waist flared yellow skirt and wear it with a white blouse and white blazer, and a pair of black sunglasses to look as glamorous as it gets. If you are feeling playful, choose a white blouse with a big black polka dot pattern. Yellow skirts are great because, unlike tops, they keep the colour at a distance from your face, so you will look good even if you’re pale!

Yellow trousers If you are conscious about your legs and they are not your best asset, opt for a pair of summery yellow trousers instead. Wide-legged trousers are best worn with a tight top, whereas tight ankle length, cropped trousers can be worn with loose tops as well.

Yellow bag If you really only want a taste of yellow, a yellow bag is a perfect solution. You can choose a yellow evening bag, for example a patent clutch, or a leather tote, such as the Michael Kors ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote. Yellow bags can work with yellow footwear or nail polish, or little yellow details on a summery floral printed top.

A few yellow additions to your wardrobe will help you shine, and if the English weather is unforgiving this summer, let’s wear yellow to create the sunshine ourselves.

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