Ways to connect to your feminine energy

feminineWe all get those moments when we feel sluggish or not our best. Maybe it’s time to reconnect with your feminine energy. And we don’t just mean putting on some makeup or a dress, because, let’s be real, who says they’re just for people who identify as female? Feminine energy is much more than your gender, it has been speculated that it’s how creative you are, how you reflect on situations or how we express ourselves emotionally. Below we have some tips on how to connect with your feminine energy; you can thank us later. 

Take a bath

We don’t just mean run some water and twiddle your thumbs for twenty minutes. Use this time to fully unwind and maybe even reflect on your day – what went well, what could you have done better, how will you improve on this in the future? Add salts or bath bombs to relax your muscles and reap in the benefits of aromatherapy. 


Our CEO, Scarlett, journals every day to visualise her goals but journaling can also be a great way to tap into your emotions and really get to know what your brain actually thinks or feels about situations. You could choose some prompts or even try free writing; something most writers state is an extremely helpful tool. 

Decorate your space

Don’t we all love clean, Pinterest-worthy homes? It makes us feel calm and that in turn calms our minds. Even something as simple as a lamp and nice picture can totally transform a room and change the ambience. Never underestimate the energy of your home and how it can affect your mood.  

Go for a walk in nature

It is no secret that we all spend a *little* too much time in front of a screen. According to experts, we should only be spending up to five hours on a device. Nature is a great way to get that natural vitamin D instead. Don’t fancy walking around in silence? Ask a friend to join you or use this time to catch up on a podcast. 

Get creative

Creativity has long been thought of as more of a ‘girly’ thing (totally untrue of course), but doing something creative takes us out of our own heads and allows us to fully relax. I recently rediscovered colouring and have spent many hours colouring intricate shapes and patterns; not only have I found myself to be less stressed, but I’m also ruminating less (rehashing old, painful memories). 


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