9 Genius Vaseline Hacks You Haven’t Heard About

Vaseline costs £3 and has an infinite number of uses. From healing chapped skin to getting your earrings in, this jelly is one multitasking beauty product that doesn’t limit itself to the realm of beauty.

Prepare your skin for perfume

After splashing out on a new fragrance, it would be a shame if you couldn’t smell it. Moisturised skin holds scent better, so rub some Vaseline on your pulse points before you spritz to make the scent last longer.

Smooth Hair

If you are anything like me, you spend your spare time cutting your split-ends. Use Vaseline to tame frizz and seal dry ends. You can use it even to keep messy eyebrows in place.

As an instant highlighter

With our Instagram feeds full of contouring and strobing, it can be easy to get carried away with expensive highlighters. Instead, dab a pea-size amount of Vaseline on the high points of your face to achieve a dewy and luminous glow.


Remove makeup stains from clothing

With a damp washcloth, Vaseline can be used to lift makeup stains from your clothes as well as bedsheets, blankets and pillows. Lipstick marks, I am coming for you.

Hydrate dry skin

Smooth it over cracked heels or dry elbows, slip on a pair of socks, go to sleep and wake up to healthy, hydrated skin.

As clear mascara

If you are embracing the no-makeup, trade in your mascara for Vaseline. Smooth it over your lashes for a fuller set of dark, glossy eyelashes. Bonus tip: Vaseline also makes a great lash conditioner. If you leave the jelly on overnight too, it will help your lashes to grow.

Achieve the perfect fake tan

Use a small amount of it on dry spots before applying fake tan. It will act as a barrier, preventing streaks and stains in areas it would otherwise cling to.

As an eye makeup remover

Makeup remover can be expensive and tough on your eyes. This can be an inexpensive option that easily and gently removes eyeliner, mascara, shadow and even any eyelash glue that your falsies leave behind.

Make a DIY scrub

Dry lips? Add a bit of sugar to your Vaseline to make your own lip scrub. Or mix it with sea salt, and use the mixture in the shower as a body scrub with moisturising benefits.


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