Using social media as a business tool

social mAlthough the old fashioned “word of mouth” technique is still prominent in the marketing strategy for business, it must not be the sole form of promotion. Besides physically going out of your home or office to spread the word, it is essential to construct a social media presence. Here are ways on how to get started and ultimately utilize social media for your business.
Identify your audience: Before you launch your social network account for your business, you must first know who you are targeting. Who do you think will benefit most from your product or service?
Find Connections: Don’t post yet, there’s still a little more research. Now that you know who it is you’re targeting, find businesses similar to yours to learn from. Follow them, study their posts, tweets, etc. and become familiar with their media marketing strategy.
Be consistent: When the time comes for you to start promoting your own business, your presence online should be consistent. You don’t want your audience to forget about your services, promotions and more! In this media frenzied world you will find a greater number of clients through your social networks, so prove to them you are available on every platform!
Relate to Your Customers: Once you’ve established yourself in the world of social media your main focus should be customer service. Make your customers comfortable through casual language and relatable posts, interaction between you and your customers is your main priority. If their experience with you online is above satisfactory every time they will continue to utilize your product or service. Always make sure they are satisfied with your response to them and if not encourage them to contact you with any comments, questions or concerns. Letting them know that their feedback is important to you gives them a reason to be a returning customer.
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