#TVgirlbosses, all they have taught us

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One of the best parts of living as a female in 2016 is the rise of the feisty, take no sh*t from anybody attitude that some of our favorite female characters on television have embodied. There’s truly nothing more inspiring than watching a woman go after exactly what she wants and doing so with class and a little bit of sass. Listed below are a few, of the many, sassiest TV girlbosses we know!

Regina Mills/Evil Queen: First up we have Regina, also known as the Evil Queen from Snow White from ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Although when she was first introduced she was evil, she has evolved and learned from her dark ways. The best part, besides joining the lighter side of things? She has not lost her spunk. She’s still the same, get the job done type of woman but she knows her limits. She doesn’t take things too far and at the same time stands her ground.

Cristina Yang: Despite having left the cast of Grey’s Anatomy after season 11, the hard working Cristina Yang still leaves us captivated by her ambition.  She speaks her mind freely and tells you exactly what you need to hear, even if it hurts.  Being the very best at what she does is her main goal, but she does the right thing when it comes to the people who matter to her.  She’s closed off like a rock however the Yang we all know and love fights for what she believes in.

Lemon Breeland: From the lovely state of Alabama in a town called Bluebell we have a Southern Belle, on the CW’s Hart of Dixie, named Lemon Breeland. Although at first, she’s portrayed as the mean girl, and consistently proves she is not to be messed with, Lemon is the epitome of a leader.  Despite her selfish habits, she only wants the best for her friends and family. She deals with a lot of heartache but she holds her head high and becomes a fighter because of it.

Rayna James: Connie Britton plays the queen of country music, Rayna James, on ABC’s Nashville. She’s one of the biggest country stars in the this fictional storyline and has no time for injustice.  She stands up for things that move her and uses her platform to both entertain and inform. Do not under any circumstances come after Rayna, her family or the people she cares about because she will find a way to win that war.

Olivia Pope: Kerry Washington’s character is an all-round badass, she is resourceful, cunning and has quotations taking over all social media channels. Pope runs an incredibly successful PR business in Washington, D.C, where she and her associates diffuse political scandals. Unlike most political dramas, Olivia Pope is the commanding force behind the screen whom is noted for her intelligence as opposed to her sex appeal. She is the fierce black woman telling everyone what to do, including the President. With her bold attitude, clean cut wardrobe and fierce intelligence, Olivia is one character we can’t get enough of!

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