Trump inundated with birth control bills from women

This month, President Trump made it easier for employers to drop birth control coverage without copayments from their health insurance plans. His most recent move however will make birth control a lot more expensive and completely unattainable for many economic brackets. In response, American women are sending their birth control receipts to the White House, thanks to the campaign Keep Birth Control Copay Free. You can partake too.

The new campaign enables women to send an invoice for the amount birth control could cost them if insurance didn’t cover it. Using the invoice generator, you can easily calculate the average annual cost for your birth control and send the invoice straight to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The best part is the invoice will be filed as an official comment opposing the new rules before the public comment ends on December 5th. Bonus: you still have plenty of time.

Prior to Trump’s new administration policies, 62.4 million women had access to free birth control. Amy Runyon-Harms, the Keep Birth Control Copay Free campaign coordinator has told various media organisations: “Women are tired of footing the bill for male politicians’ attacks on essential reproductive health care.” “Together, we are pushing back against President Trump’s dangerous political decision to reduce access to birth control and today we are sending him the bill.”

The campaign, funded by the Women’s Equality Centre, also has the support of several reproductive rights organisations, including Planned Parenthood, the Center for American Progress Women’s Program, Generation Progress, the National Partnership for Women and Families, and the National Women’s Law Center.
The campaign also released a video that features women of all ages answering a poignant question: Would Trump have interfered with birth control access if her was able to get pregnant? Nurse practitioner Morgan, in the video says: “birth control would be in vending machines if Trump needed it.” While, 15-year-old Camryn added that “male politicians do not know the risk women go through when it comes to birth control.” Our favourite? Bridget joked that her invoice is gold plated. “Does that get your attention?” she asks.
If you believe employers should not interfere with women’s reproductive healthcare, and neither should this administration, send the Trump administration your receipts.
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