Top European Universities

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University of Oxford

Rich with history, Oxford is probably the most famous institution. Oxford not only has an excellent curriculum but it has been the home for many notable, influential people throughout time. To name a few; Stephen Hawking the scientist, writers such as Monica Ali and Helen Fielding as well as actors such as Hugh Grant and Rosamund Pike. Plus, for those of us living in the states Oxford sounds like a dream. This school is widely talked about and usually used in most movies to depict an English experience and everything England has to offer, but maybe the best way to experience this would be to actually enrol!

Swiss Federal Institute for Technology, Zurich

Another academic treasure. This University has a strong curriculum too but one of the world’s leaders in technology and natural science. Their main focuses are the world food system, health, risk research, climate change, new materials and industrial processes. While its academic are a focal point to the University, it is also known for its campus life with numerous scientific events, social events such as Polyball and cinema film showings.

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is made up of 3 different colleges that contain 20 schools. The curriculum is extensive made to expand the mind. Also, the social activities that happen around the college add something to the city around it. The Ediburgh University Students’ Association runs Potterrow which is the city’s largest student nightclub. Let’s not also forget Fringe festival and the fact that this happens to be where Harry Potter first came alive.

Pierre and Marie Curie University

Named after the famous physicists, this historic University is known for its advancements in science and medicine. The University itself works with the French national centre for scientific research, CNRS; the French national institute for health and medical research, IRD and many more!

Universitá la Sapienza

Guess what? You could actually have the opportunity to study in the heart of Rome, with three campuses it’s practically a capital built around this institution. Known for its linguistics, you’d have no trouble finding an English-spoken class and who ever would complain about spending the weekends at the Trevi Fountain and lunches on the Spanish Steps?

University College London

UCL, founded in 1826 was opened in England as a University that provides education to those who are excluded from it. In 1878 it was the first University in England to accept female students too. Here they believe in academic excellence and conducting research that addresses issues in the world that inform our ethos. UCL is also known for its developments in science and medicine.

American University of Paris

You ask the average 20 something year old about ‘the dream’ and as romanticised as it could be Carrie Bradshaw and Olivia Palermo spring to mind. Well, you could be that American in Paris, with English spoken classes and opportunities to work at Le Louvre or even Vogue, is it any wonder why we have this incredibly cultured University on our list? Pass me the baguettes and cheese please.

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