This is how much I weigh


Since I have become increasingly more open about my love for yoga, I have been asked time and time again about what else I do to stay in shape. I ditched the scales during my university days and have never measured myself. All of these questions recently have got me thinking about my weight though.

In society, as women we are way too focused on our bodies. We feel guilty when we indulge and punish ourselves with exercise, all as if our bodies determine whether we are good people or not. When we struggle we call ourselves fat, and this is the thing. We are not fat tribers, we have fat. We also have fingers but we don’t go around saying we are fingers. If someone was to weigh you based on your accomplishments, inner beauty and values, then what do you weigh?

I wish people would weigh me on my motivation and desire to help women. Everyone would say how heavy I am, and it would no longer been seen as a negative thing. I urge you to embrace this mindset shift too tribers.

There are so many amazing things about you, whether that be cycling, writing or cooking.  What if we weighed each other on how accomplished we are as entrepreneurs? Or how much we can make someone laugh? You will always weigh so much more than any number or digit on a scale.

Comment below and tell me what you should be weighed on besides your weight.


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