The insta accounts to follow

Everyone loves instagram, but let’s move away from the constant flow of selfies and focus on something even more attractive. Instagram accounts focussing on travel will inspire you to get out there and explore, the pictures are gorgeous and will brighten up any Instagram feed. So, without any further ado, here’s five of the best accounts to get following now!




This instagram account has lovely pictures from Scandinavia. I’m a particular fan of the red barn style buildings from Norway and the snow capped mountains creeping up at the back of lakes. Never been to Scandinavia before? You’ll want to go now!



Stephanie is a blogger who works for the Huffington post. This account collects some of the best travel instagram posts from around the world and shares them with its followers. You’ll find plenty of new accounts by following Travelbreak.



Joe Greer is a photographer from Colorado, his instagram account is full of the beautiful Colorado countryside: mountains, lakes, fauna and flora. The photos have a beautiful colour to them and will make you wish you could leap into the screen.



Matthias shares more beautiful countryside images from his home area. One of my favourite flowers, the sunflower, pops up in the feed a lot too! What’s not to love about this account?



There’s plenty of reasons to follow this account but you’ll only need one. If you ever wanted to see the most incredible looking treehouse ever then you’ve found it. Fosterhunting’s instagram has plenty of photos showing this wonderful house under construction!



So I know I said there’d be five accounts to follow, but here’s a cheeky sixth one! Adventurehan is full of South American pictures, Norfolk seaside images and soon to be London hideouts when I move in a few weeks. Enough to entice you?