The Struggle of Recently Graduating College

Not knowing what direction to head in after completing four years of school and moving on from what could have been considered as the best four years of your life can be scary, stressful, and most of all, overwhelming. The world has just opened up to you and the big question on almost every graduate’s mind is “now what?” Before heading into full blown panic mode, here are some tips to help you figure out your next move.

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1) Find out what you really love and want to do with your life

This may seem a bit silly, especially if you had a clear direction during your four years,   but, hear me out. Now is the time in your life where you can see if the field you chose   will turn into a career as planned, or will it just be a job on your way to finding something  that you truly love to do. Even if you want to continue with your chosen path, this is your  time to experience life to its fullest. As you enter a world beyond just being a student,   more opportunities present themselves making this the perfect time frame to try every  thing and anything to figure out exactly what it is that you love. If it happens to be that   the doors your degree opens are not ones you want to go through anymore, you don’t   have to have your next move completely figured out yet. Life isn’t typically set by the time you are 21 or 22; Just live, take risks, and take it all in.

2) Become employed

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Whether it be a part time job, two part time jobs, or a full time job, get a job so you are   doing something productive with your newly acquired free time. Besides the obvious   perk of getting paid for your services, you can gain invaluable life experiences, memo-  ries, friends, and hey, who knows where any job can lead.

3) Cut yourself some slack every once and awhile

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4) The at-this-point-corny, “Everything happens for a reason


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This statement will always be one of the truest to date. It has become a tad overstated, but  it doesn’t mean there isn’t any validity to it. If you were meant to do something or be a   part of something: it would happen, it would feel right, and it would work out. If something doesn’t happen, or if it doesn’t feel right, and if it doesn’t work out; it wasn’t supposed to. Better things will come.

5) Breathe

Just take a second. Whenever it feels like the world is crashing down on you, remind   yourself of all of your accomplishments and always remember, you are not alone and you  will be okay. You will find your new direction, your place in the big people world and it   will be magical.



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