The Smart Girl Tribe Guide to Period Self-Care

periodAnyone else feel as though our periods have been the only stable thing in our lives recently?

Anyway I digress, as well as having time during lockdown to focus on ourselves and our wellbeing it has also been great to think about our self-care too whether that is looking after yourself when you are on your period or getting a skin care routine that works for you. I have some tips to make sure that your self-care is on point during your period.

Learn about your body

Most of us have regular periods, but because of all the different options of birth control it can be tricky to track your periods. I personally think it is important to keep track for your own peace of mind. However, we know that it doesn’t work for everyone. Just listen and learn about what your body is doing. If you have any concerns about your birth control do and speak to your doctor.

Hot water bottles are a necessity

This is one thing that I cannot live without when I am on my period. There is nothing better then curling up in a ball with a hot water bottle and thanking your body. Put your phone down, get yourself comfortable with your hot water bottle put a film on or read a book. Just take some time for yourself.

Maybe but the heavy workouts on pause for a few days

Did you know that yoga is apparently a great way to help combat cramps? So maybe for those few days that you might normally be doing some lifting or HIIT sessions swap it for a bit of yoga and stretching. There are lots of YouTube videos that can teach you yoga for all different levels. Try it and see if it makes a difference.

Experiment with different feminine hygiene products

There are so many different products out there to support your period. Go out there and experiment with different products and see what works for you. Listen to your body it will tell you what it wants you to use.

Remember that all woman experience the fun moods swings that compliment your period. We always think we are being a hormonal, unreasonable, unmanageable person when we’re on our periods. But it is important to remember that it is not just you and most people that you are around will understand. So, give yourself a break.

I hope these tips help you with exploring your self-care while you’re on your period.

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