The Secrets Of Happy & Powerful Entrepreneurial Couples

couplesThe idea of working with your significant other used to be filled with dread and heart palpitations and then came the rise of the insta-husband. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to be in business with your other half but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. Below are a few of our top tips to make working with your spouse a piece of cake:

Stay on the same page

It’s important that you’re both clear on your business model, business values/ morals as well as your roles. To do this, truly assess your strengths and weaknesses – the more honest you are at this, the less issues you’ll run into in the future. Also, this will mean that your business runs smoothly and is likely to make more money as it is the best it can be. 

Show them respect

When you’re working with a loved one, it can be easy to throw respect out of the window and just say whatever you want. Yes they’re someone you love but they’re also your colleague. Remember that it’s business, and that different points of view – which could lead to disagreements – are inevitable. Just don’t let them come between your love for each other. 

Create a work/ life balance

Don’t let business be the only part of your relationship. You have to find time for each other outside of work. Working from home will make it difficult to leave work at “the office” but it’s important for your relationship and to reconnect as a couple. A date night or day will help to keep your work and life separate. 

Remember to be kind

Communication is key – in both your business life and as a couple. Even if it’s constructive criticism, try not to take things too personally. If one of you gets an accomplishment, celebrate them, and if you get it together, even better. 


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