The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Living Consciously

consciousI am lazy…. Okay, I am not REALLY lazy; I just have a lot of things on my plate. It is hard to keep up with anything when I have to focus on so many little furry friends to feed. Not to mention balancing work, a social life, and coronavirus guidelines, it can be hard to remember everything, especially about living consciously.

Since I am taking a walk on the conscious side, I thought I would take you all along with me.

You may be wondering what living consciously means? I think everyone has a personal definition; therefore, it should be tailored to you. Moreover, my personal living conscious mantra is being aware of things beyond my limited understanding. I can have a phenomenological understanding of the world around me, limited by my consciousness and humanness. However, I choose to take an object-orientated ontology approach to the world, which gives to the understanding of other consciousness around me and their journeys with the world and others, separate from my own.

Living consciously is something you must try to do with little steps every day. I hope you will be more swayed toward the conscious side from reading this article.


You would be surprised how much produce and other food products over use packaging or waste product. In my area of the United States, we are required to bring our own bags shopping or pay 5 cents for paper or plastic bags. I have multiple funky tote bags, including a huge pug one from Marshall’s that I always leave in my car.

Additionally, I love supporting my local produce and farmer’s markets. I love supporting local beehives and locally sourcing my honey. This is also beneficial for allergies because local honey helps with local allergy symptoms.

Makeup Products that Do Not Test on Animals

I love dying my hair all different crazy colors, but sometimes the products are not ethical or safe. For this reason, I love using brands I know that do not test on animals. For example, I use Artic Fox Hair Color because it is “made vegan and cruelty free”. I enjoy knowing where my products come from and that I am giving back to the environment. I am also a huge animal lover and advocate so anything I can do to help animals is a win for me.


Another way to be conscious is through the use of non-plastic straws and other non-disposable items. I make sure to instead use reusable cups, straws, and even cutlery. I have versions for my both my purse and my car as to make sure to not forget being conscious of the environment and world around me. When eating out in public, I also try to ensure that I throw out my trash and recycle using proper receptacles.


It is important to have a calm atmosphere at home. I just purchased a cute Landscape Humidifier from Amazon. A friend had gifted me lavender essential oils. So, I turned on my humidifier and started to add the essential oil to it to try and bring a sense of calm to my room. I also have a personal 10-gallon aquarium set up in my room, which makes a soothing water flow sound. Making my living space a calm place makes living consciously even easier to focus on.



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