The Do’s and Don’ts of meditation


When you think of someone who meditates, you imagine a person who is serene, tranquil, calm; someone who has finally found their inner peace, like Po from Kung Fu Panda. But, just like a lot of things in life, it isn’t always like it is in the movies. Who would have thought that breathing would be such a tricky skill to master? It’s something we often recommend doing here at Smart Girl Tribe, so we thought that we would give you a few words of encouragement, if meditation is a new skill you want to learn in 2019.


Be consistent

Just like with exercise and healthy eating, you won’t necessarily notice a drastic change overnight with meditation. (If you do, this is amazing and keep doing what you’re doing). This is something that can be a bit of a setback, especially after a few sessions and you continue to feel just as stressed and anxious etc. However, nothing good ever happened overnight; with hard work and consistency, you’ll be able to get there.

Find something that works for you

When I first tried meditation, I was told by my therapist to sit by myself in a quiet room and simply breathe. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get this to work for me. I found that my brain just wasn’t able to shut off for two minutes, let alone 15. I decided to take matters into my own hands and try guided meditation. In my head, any meditation was better than none, right? Next thing I knew I was able to meditate for fifteen plus minutes when following the apps. Just like with any new hobby, you have to experiment a bit to find what truly works for you.


The phrase, ‘Practise makes perfect’ is popular for a reason – it’s true. Remember when you were younger and you had to say your times tables every night, (just me?) well that was so that you’d be able to eventually reel them off without thinking (again, just me?). The same goes for meditation. Making it a part of your daily routine will ensure that you are really taking it seriously, as well as helping to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you. Patience is key people.


Overthink it

Often, people turn to meditation when worried or stressed: times when emotions are heightened and overthinking is second nature. After one attempt, they might think that something is wrong with them or that they aren’t able to do anything. This isn’t true. The breathing techniques used in meditation are different to the ones we use every day, so it will take time. But at the end of the day, it is only breathing. Something that we all do every minute of every day. Remember that, and you’ll be laughing soon.

Be afraid to ask for help

We all know that talking about things is a great way to lift that invisible, yet heavy, weight off our shoulders. Trying something new is scary, and you are bound to have questions. As much as Google may answer, it doesn’t necessarily give you kind words of encouragement, or a hug. Discussing your issues with friends/ family members/ your therapist may help you see it from a new perspective.

Be upset if it doesn’t work for you

No one person is made the same, and hence, not everything will work for everyone. One of my friends recently tried meditation and found that rather than helping her anxiety, it actually made it worse. If you think that no matter what way you approach meditation, it isn’t helping you, then don’t worry. There will be something out there that does help, you just haven’t found it yet.

If you are struggling with mental health issues please contact Mind.

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