Summer bases

Summer basesIn the makeup world, the summer season is often associated with light, dewy bases that are aimed at enhancing your ever-developing tan and avoid hiding your natural beauty. Typically the warmer weather and being exposed to the sun (in moderation, of course) is know to clear up your skin and leave it looking glowing, so that is one of the reasons as to why sheer foundations are so popular at this time of year. Today on Scriptoeris we are going to share with you some of our favourite summer bases for you to try out, as well as a little trick we like to use to make our skin appear extra glowy!

First off it’s worth mentioning that there are many types of sheerer bases out there, and we’ve picked at least one from the main contenders to show you today. The categories we’ve chosen are; tinted moisturisers, BB creams, and foundations, as well as an extra glow-giver. Before we take a closer look at them, keep in mind that if you’ve got oilier skin then you’ll probably want to pair most of these with a translucent powder to keep them in place.

Tinted moisturisers:
There are a million and one tinted moisturisers out there, but as a beauty addict who has tried at least 90% of them, I can tell you that not all tinted moisturisers were created equally. Favourites of the Scriptoeris team include the gorgeous NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. They both have their pros and cons; the LM Tinted Moisturised has a slightly larger shade range than its NARS counterpart, but the NARS version is £5 cheaper than the LM even though they both contain 50ml. Not sure which one to go for? LM provides more coverage and also comes in an oil-free formula for you oilier-skinned girls, and NARS is much more sheer and adds more of a dewy finish, but may require a bit of concealer here and there.
BB Creams:
BB creams are a staple these days when looking into bases; these awesome ‘beauty balms’ that hail from Asia have you covered on all sides. Coverage? Check! Sunscreen? Check! Added skincare benefits? Check!! One of our favourites is from Dr Jart + and it’s the Water Fuse BB Cream, although there are lots of other varieties available both from Dr Jart + and other brands.  The reason that we love this one in particular is that it is both oil-free yet incredibly moisturising (hence the name!) so it is great if your skin has been dried out by the sun!

Who said all foundations were heavy and provided only hardcore coverage? Well, whoever it was obviously had never heard of the two summer-appropriate foundations that we’ve got in store for you! The lighter of the two is the well-known MAC Face & Body – a water-based formula that starts off light and glowy, but can be built up in layers if you want more coverage. This is one of our go-to foundations for summer, but if our skin is still acting up and we want a heavier foundation without skimping on the glow, Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation ticks all of the right boxes.

For that extra glow… try one of Revlon’s Photoready Skinlights. You can either mix a bit in with your base or use it on its own as a more concentrated highlighter on you cheekbones, cupids bow, and even your nose! P.s. they also have a bronzing shade if that’s what you’re into!

One thing that we haven’t really touched upon in this post is SPF, but it is super important – not only during the summer months – to keep your skin protected. Some of the products that we have mentioned above do contain SPF, but not all do, so be sure to keep yourself protected this summer by slapping on that sun screen!

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