Stop saying you don’t have time

timeCould you name all of the Kardashian children? Could you real off how many likes you got on your latest Instagram post?
Saying you don’t have time is the easiest excuse in the book. Forgetting, that we can control our time and how we best use it.

We talk about time as if it’s some assignment beyond our control. Of course, we all have non-negotiable responsibilities and duties such as work and looking after children. Yet, the more we start believing that we are stretched for time, the lazier we become. Believe it or not, time and how you use it is solely down to you. By believing we don’t have time, we are giving ourselves permission to become lazier. Let’s be honest, when something is important to you, you will find a way and if it’s not, you will find an excuse. By saying you don’t have time, you are only saying that you haven’t made the time or aren’t willing to sacrifice other priorities to make room for this one. Here are my tips to help you.

Wake up earlier. 

As soon as I realised how important yoga is to me, I started getting up an hour earlier to practise it. I didn’t complain but slowly started setting my alarm that little bit earlier so I could prioritise it. Equally, you might decide that you are more of a night owl and would rather go to bed later. That is totally fine as well. If you are running low on energy, maybe don’t use this tip as your time making strategy though.

Plan ahead. 

I use my Google calendar every single day. However, I also have an A4 planner that I keep in my office and a little planner in my bag. I am always prepared. Does this leave room for spontaneity you may ask. Of course. Being so prepared means I can quickly work out the commitments I can sacrifice for other things I want to prioritise. I also plan ahead buy bulking social media content, making batches of food that will last several days and writing a to-do list every week.

Replace your devices.

Here comes the big one. I really struggled with this at first. I didn’t like not checking Instagram one more time before I went to sleep or not scrolling through Twitter as soon as I woke up. There was definitely an adjustment period, but one that was totally worth while. I have replaced my devices with books, I find that reading is a quicker easier to relat and ease into the evening.

Set boundaries.

As women, it can be especially hard to say ‘no’. Imagine how much time you would have if you started turning down those extra things people need from you, because you always say yes. That was my issue for a long time. I would say yes to everyone, thinking I was being helpful. In actual fact, I was just putting myself last. Figure out who needs you each day. Give energy to that person, some other tasks you’re being asked to carry out, they can wait.

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