Staying Motivated After a Smart Girl Tribe Summit

conferenceConferences can be vital for your personal growth, and if you’re hoping for a fun evening meeting your girl-gang. It can be hard to keep that momentum up which is exactly why I want to share my top tips so you can stay motivated, inspired and excited to come to your next Smart Girl Tribe Summit.

Develop a sacred morning routine.

You all know, I am obsessed with my morning routine. As soon as I wake up I journal, goal-set, practise yoga and take my vitamins. My morning routine keeps me energised and always focused on my goals. By setting your intentions and laying out your goals at the start of each day you force yourself to see on paper what your mission and purpose are.


At each Summit, I make sure in every gift bag you walk away with one of my favourite books. Along with Emily William’s   I Heart My Life, I also love Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits and Awaken the Giant Within. 

Listen to the Smart Girl Tribe Podcast 

Grab your headphones, connect it to the car and every Wednesday tune into our top-rated podcast. Each week I share my personal development advice, tactics and interviews with the world’s most inspirational women here.

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You can find us on Facebook and on Instagram and not to mention there is the private Facebook group The Smart Girl Tribe Society where you can meet you girl-gang and soul-sisters.


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