Small Habits That Have Changed My Life


A lot has changed in a very short space of time for me. Often I think about how different my day to day was only a few months ago. I knew what I should have been doing, but didn’t really follow through. All the advice I have ever given you has been true but I would let myself slip. (Hey, I’m human.). At the beginning of COVID-19 I decided to start being truthful to the life I envisioned for myself, I have always been great with my morning routine for instance but would go hours without drinking any water or would get super stressed about the smallest of things. Now, months later I’m sat here feeling like a completely different human and its all quite….dare I say it…marvellous, and super easy. I invite you to join me on this journey. 


Over the years, even though I started as a writer, I have become more of an editor. The team is bursting with talent, we have incredible SGT writers from all over the world. Yet, I started realising as the pandemic hit how much I don’t write anymore.  It was then that I created the ‘Self’ category on It is a space for me to write about my personal development journey and process. Every Friday I write however I like, about whatever I like, whenever I like. It has almost become a new passion project in itself.  Even though it’s for the business, it doesn’t feel like it, I’m just writing for the pure joy of it. I have also taken up sketching, not being naturally talented at it, I have had to push myself to get better, even purchasing the right equipment but I love it and it’s something that has nothing to do with work but is an activity I carry out for pure joy. 


Being a twenty-something can be tough especially in our social media driven world. I used to shrink myself and hesitate to share with others my plan for the future out of fear. I was scared that people would find me too “intimidating” or “ambitious”. As my confidence has increased though I have been reminded how much I still listen to other people’s opinions in other areas of my life. Even when it came to fashion, I love following a neutral colour palette with a pop of pink or blue thrown into the mix. Lace, trim, florals they’re all materials and prints I adore. One day in high school the boy I had a crush on said that florals were for grannies. A few years ago a family member said I dress too sophisticated and girly. Up until now triber, I have been listening but not anymore, if you head on over to my Instagram you will see exactly what I mean, and I can honestly say.. I feel liberated.


Every morning I used to grab a coffee and listen to the latest jams on Spotify. Now, I listen to classical music instead. I never thought such a small thing could have such a positive impact on my life. Listening to classical music has made me a lot calmer throughout the day and less anxious. Not to mention, this simple trick has enabled me to focus on my work without any intruding thoughts. I don’t listen to it when I’m working out or hosting a dinner and/or party but throughout the day, from dawn to dusk I do and feel a lot happier.

Centering my life around happiness to ensure I am living a life I love has had a huge impact on my life but relationships too. I’m more inspired nowadays and a lot more focused too. Let me know in the comments what are some small changes you have made that have had a huge impact?

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