Shopping in Paris

It is that time of year when Parisians find themselves rushing around the shops to buy Christmas gifts. “I wish I had done this sooner” kept springing to mind. Being  a Cali girl I believed that it would all be pretty simple in the capital but boy, was I wrong! To help all of you Scriptoeris readers though, I have produced a list of the best shops to go through. Trust me girls, you won’t want to miss out on the Parisian shops.

On a budget; If you’re not on a large budget then Chatelet  is my first choice. It can be slightly sketchy but you can ALWAYS find fantastic deals on shoes, knock offs, souvenirs, and everyday/club clothes. I would say price range here is between 10-30 euros. Rue de Rivoli is actually a quite long road and the price range/upscaleness of the stores depends on which stretch of the road you’re on. Rue de Rivoli between Chatelet and Le Marais is where I usually shop because the stores are clean and the fashion is great.

Shopping Malls; The largest shopping mall is Boulevard Haussmann where Galeries Lafayette and Printemps stores are located. It is a fairly big area in central Paris and easily accessible by metro (Chaussée d’Antin or Havre Caumartin stations) and several bus lines. Believe me ladies when I say that Parisian malls are so much better than regular shopping malls.


Going Vintage; Le Marais is super funky and eclectic and if you’re into vintage clothing, this is definitely your place. Fur coats, dresses, jackets, hats, etc for 10-50 euros. I live around here and I just love getting lost in the streets. Le Marais is a pretty big tourist destination and very safe. My favourite place for vintage shopping is GoldyMama. This small boutique is an original spot for gift hunting and the choice is vast. If you’re anything like me then you’ll be trying on half the shop.

Oh, Rue de Passy; This street is located in the 16th area, it is the equivalent of Bond Street in London and 5th avenue in NYC. There isn’t much to say, just go!