Organising your very FIRST holiday


If you’ve moved out you may find that whilst you’re enjoying your independence your parents are doing exactly the same. Swanning off on holidays here and there, it guaranteed to make you a bit of a green-eyed monster and start dreaming of all the places you wish you could go on holiday. But what’s stopping you? Stop adding pins to your ‘Wanderlust’ board on Pinterest and get out there! If you’re organising your first holiday then make sure you follow these easy steps for a stress free time before you even get there!


1: What sort of holiday?

Are you an active Scriptoeris girl or someone who prefers chilling out on the beach and topping up that tan (safely of course!)? When it comes to organising your own holiday the first question is what sort of holiday do you want? Whether you want a city break or an adrenaline fuelled adventure week take the time to think what’s right for you.


2: Where to?

A luxury resort in the Seychelles may be out of reach, so make sure you’re realistic about where your first holiday is going to be. Having completed step one you’ll probably have some idea of where will suit your needs. If you’re still undecided on where you want to go then do what I do. Visit Skyscanner, enter your local airport and then as the destination type in ‘everywhere’. This will give you some fantastic ideas for destinations within budget. I’ve written an article about how to find cheap transport that will help keep the costs down.


3: Where will I sleep?

Deciding what sort of accommodation you want to stay in is your next step. Want to meet more holiday goers? Stay in a hostel or try couchsurfing or airbnb. If you need a relaxing break then look into spa hotels or boutique hotels as options. If you don’t want to worry about food and drink expenses then look for all-inclusive deals. If you’re going on holiday slightly out of season (think weeks when there aren’t national school holidays) then you can get some great deals this way; just maybe don’t expect amazing food.


Travel’s booked, accommodation sorted. To make sure you enjoy your holiday to the full you’re going to want to remember to pack some essential items! If you’re flying remember to check the hand luggage restrictions. How big is your bag allowed to be? What’s the weight limit? Also remember to check you’ve got no liquids over 100ml in your hand luggage or you’ll have to chuck that expensive new make-up away. No Scriptoeris girl wants that!


Here’s a few essentials

–          Going abroad? Don’t forget that passport! And if you’re from Europe why not get a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in case of emergencies

–          A good book for the journey, as well as for those days when it’s all about relaxing

–          Check whether you need to pack a towel. Some hotels and hostels will provide you with a towel, but not all of them!

–          Print off all booking details. Even if you don’t think you need to it’s best to have booking details for hotels and trains at hand just in case there’s any issues


And finally enjoy your holiday, wherever you go and whatever you do. We Scriptoeris girls deserve our holidays!