Not meeting the requirements

jen anWhen looking for a job, do not be discouraged because you do not meet all of the requirements. A job description is a general overview of what the employers think is required of the job. The only persons who truly know what a job position entails are those workers who have worked that position. When you go into an interview, the people interviewing you most likely did not work that starting position themselves. An employer’s job, when creating a job description, is to draw readers into applying for the position while simultaneously warding away under qualified readers.

              Go through the job description to feel out if you can do the job. Do not focus on whether or not you fit the job description; instead, focus on if you could work the job each day. For example, if you are applying for a job that requires you to build websites and you do not know anything about HTML or CSS, than you would not be able to foe fill the duties of that job each day. But, if you are applying to a job that requires writing experience and you know how to write with proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, then you could complete the duties of that job each day. Just because you are not amazing in one skill set, does not mean you should ignore that you have that skill set. You may not be an English major in college, but that does not mean you do not know how to write. As long as you feel that you could get done what needs to be done in a job, you should apply.

              The biggest piece of advice to give is to stay confident even if you feel under qualified. Just because you feel you do not fit the job description word for word, does not mean your employer will see it that way. If you show a lack of confidence it can only affect you negatively. Employers want confident employees not people sounding unsure. In your cover letters or interview do not bring up how your skills do not match perfectly with the job description unless the employer brings it up. Act like you are meant to be there, because you are.

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