My Guide to Feeling Festive this year

ChristmasEvery year I love preparing for Christmas, as soon as there is a chill in the air I start thinking about the trees, movies, hot chocolates and gifts. Just as I prepare for Spring and Summer I put a lot of effort into this season. So from me to you, this is my advice to help you have a truly beautiful and festive holiday.

It doesn’t just happen. 

I don’t sit around just expecting to feel festive. I create it. Through Winter candles, and essential oils I do whatever I can to set the tone in the house. I get out the white fluffy blankets I store until this time of year and have a bottle of mulled wine readily available on the side for when my girlfriends come over.

Give more than you receive.

As much as I enjoy Christmas, I understand that it’s not for everyone and for some families can be painful and upsetting. This is why I like to recognise how blessed I am and give much as much as possible. This isn’t something I advertise across my social media because it’s personal to me, but I donate Winter survival kits to the homeless, send boxes abroad to those suffering and give to charity.

Plan ahead. 

As I said, the Christmas holiday doesn’t just happen, you have to create it. This year is looking a little different. Theatres are struggling, and it can be quite uncomfortable going into public places too. This is why I have started researching alternatives. Instead of going out this year I’m going to be hosting Christmas movie nights at mine and mulled wine tasting at mine. All from the comfort of my lounge.

Enjoy the time I have. 

Usually, I work all throughout the holiday season. The only days I typically take off are Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Given the pandemic however I have been realising more and more how crucial this time is to spend with loved ones. I’ve decided to stop working from the 16th. That is when the last podcast episode of the year will go live and my last blog post too. I hope triber you have a magnificent Christmas holiday and enjoy the preparations as much as I do.




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