My favourite networking tips for the Smart Girl Tribe Summit

networkingNetworking can be tough, this is essentially why I created the Smart Girl Tribe Summits. I was in desperate need of a place that would encourage women from all different walks of life to mingle. Lord knows we have already drawn too many lines in the sand as a society.

Here are my networking tips for everyone coming and those hoping to but still haven’t purchased their ticket. They are flying off the shelf so hurry.

Have a goal. 

Before every event I attend, I have a goal in mind. I always ask myself “why am I going?” Come up with an outcome you hope to get out of the event. Do you need new contacts, are you hoping for a job lead? You could even make it a goal to speak to someone specific. Heck, that’s how I started writing for Cosmopolitan (I “bumped into” the Editor at an event I attended).

Bring business cards.

Business cards might be considered old-school nowadays but I much prefer someone to approach me with a business card than their social media handle. Business cards scream you mean business, and serious business. I always have mine on me and they’re super easy to dot around a room for anyone interested in your services.

Prepare your elevator pitch. 

CEOs, founders and even creatives are all busy, and have very limited time. I adore speaking to my readers, listeners and event attendees. When I am being approached to discuss a potential collaboration or partnership though, I want to know three things: “Why SGT? Why now? Why you.” You should be able to sum up your mission in two-three sentences, you don’t need to include your entire CV in an introduction and you know what they say, practise makes perfect.

Come prepared. 

If you don’t carry a diary with you, make sure you have a notebook that’s small enough to carry around in your bag. Have a pen on you as well, you never know who will inspire or will want to share contact details with you. Coming prepared means: pen, paper, business cards and a snappy opening statement. Good luck and see you at the Summit.


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