My code of conduct

code of conductAs I sit here, excited for Autumn, the pumpkin spice lattes and snuggly socks, I am reminded of the day I set up Smart Girl Tribe. It can be overwhelming trying to process and where it has taken me; to Harvard, a book deal, a top-rated podcast and an event series hosted by the BBC. It began from my dorm room, I was just a girl who decided to go for it and launch a space focussing on the issues that matter.

With Smart Girl Tribe continuing to snowball, I wanted to lay out my values and how I am able to keep up in an industry that has grown so big.


Grace is the value I cherish most. Being graceful is accepting and loving others and yourself. It means forgiving past mistakes and letting go of shame. Having my own business means facing difficulties and new challenges every day. Some can be devastating, however I also try to empathise with others and see the bigger picture.

Super Scarlett

You may have heard that sometimes I refer to my best self as Super Scarlett. Sometimes I’ll even ask myself: “What would Super Scarlett do?” What does she look like? She is someone who stands up for her beliefs, is integral and speaks up for those most marginalised in society.

Embracing uniqueness 

I always stood out in school, in Italy this meant physically, I was the only blonde in my entire school. Back in England however, others questioned my values and beliefs. I wasn’t the partying type and was judged for it. Even at university, I didn’t know anyone else setting up a business and that again, was a struggle. Adulting for me has meant finding like minded women and cultivating a space where every woman feels heard, loved and accepted.

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