The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Out

You want to break free.

You want to get rid of the restrictions, limitations and suffocations of living at home.

It is all you can think about 24/7. However, before you start planning your imaginary house warming you will need to take the below into consideration. Last year I was lucky enough to move out of my family home for good and these are some things I wish I’d have known when I was moving out. They have certainly helped my friends, so I hope they will help you too.


Be financially stable

I know, this one is so boring but is equally so important. Moving out cost more than I initially envisioned, and once you are in your new place, you’ll want to go and explore the area. Meaning that yet again, you are spending money. Making sure that your savings will cover your ‘new’ life.

Research, research, research

I cannot say this enough. Even if you are moving to an area that you believe you are familiar with, researching what your potential new area is like and comparing housing prices is never a bad thing to do. Knowledge is power. Go and talk to the local community or your potential neighbours, ask the questions the agency will be too afraid to answer. Ask about the crime rate or if it tends to be a noisy area.

Consider having housemates

Not all of us like to live alone, for some of us the idea can be pretty daunting. Choosing to live with a sibling or friend could be the perfect alternative for you. If this isn’t an option then check out SpareRoom you never know, you could find the ideal housemate. Why live with someone? Well, it could be super fun to start with but they will also be able to share the bills and half the house chores.

Be sure

Move out because you want to move on with you life. Not because every man and his dog is. Living as an independent person is a lot harder than first imagined. Unless you are sure about it, it can be overwhelming and lonely. Your time will come but now doesn’t have to be it if you’re totally panicking about it. Too many of us feel the pressure to move out and live as fully-fledged adults but you can achieve this living at home or crashing with a friend. You are only young once and if you would rather travel the world or save for your business idea then that’s cool too.


Feel guilty

Your parents might make you feel guilty for wanting to move out. Don’t let them. You have the right to live your own life and make your own choices. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to talk to them anymore. Of course you will, because you will miss them and that’s natural. But so is growing up and moving on with your life. They did it, and so should you. If your parents are really struggling then sit them down and talk to them, you can even involve them by taking them to your new crib and showing them around before purchasing it.

Buy excessively

When you finally have signed that contract it is easy to go into a furniture buying frenzy. Who knew you needed a whole new throw and pillow set in pastel pink and grey? The thing is: you might not. Waiting until you’re in your new place and then getting a feel for what is missing will mean that you save money. It also means you only purchase items you truly want and love. Charity stores and perfect places to pick up new furniture or home goods. They will be half the price and you’ll have the luxury of being able to purchase more items.

Don’t waste time

You really don’t need to be hunting for boxes and packing supplies. Find them online where they will be cheaper and save money by hiring friends or family members to move your things for you. You can also ask local superstores for boxes, they are always trying to get rid of so many so in my experience, they will be happy to help.

Rush into it

As much as you may be desperate to leave – trust me, we have all been there – waiting until the time is right will not only make it worth it in the end, but you’ll also be less likely to move back into your parents later down the line. There will always be houses on the market, there’s no need to rush into it.

Moving out is hard. If you are about to move out, good luck. And if not, enjoy home-cooked meals while they last.

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