Male Stylist – Adam Walker

It is said that a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. In fact, it’s no surprise that we fell in love with Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love or we hang on Don Draper’s every word. With hip hop coming in and snapbacks becoming a fashion trend,  I found it rather refreshing to discover The Male Stylist- a blog designed to help educate men about the growing options concerning male grooming and men’s fashion.  It was an absolute delight to meet the brains behind it ; Adam Walker and get the scoop.  With the blog bursting with product reviews, tips, style advice and general ideas, not to mention tips on being a gentleman (maybe ladies it’s time to send the link to your man?)

Let’s get started! How did the Male Stylist come about?

I was born in Liverpool but moved to London about 3 years ago to pursue a career in online advertising, I was exposed to fashion and styling and began to notice that there wasn’t  a lot of information out there for men on fashion, styling and grooming (aside from your big publishers such as GQ and Esquire), so I started the site to educate and advise in these areas. The articles cover a variety of budgets, lifestyles, ages and topics so I would hope that a large audience would find value from the site.

What is being a gentleman for you?

Not judging each other or knocking each other down. First impressions are always key but a positive attitude can go a long way too.  Manners go a long way ,  living in a busy city like London can mean that not everyone is respectful however, it’s crucial to be friendly . We certainly don’t need more hostility in the world!

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced thus far?

Posting outfit shots of yourself can be tricky and posting three times a week can be difficult especially when I treat it like second career. The sheer support from other bloggers though has been incredible not to mention the support from readers and brands. We are  a little community to urge each other on.

Who is your style icon and do you have any favorite designers? 

Tom Ford is my style icon. He has taught us that men can dress exceptionally well at any age and has educated a lot of men morally which is very admirable.  I love Jasper Conran because menswear has taken an elegant turn – roll neck jumpers, and Parisian chic fashion which hasn’t been around since the 70’s , his lines are always effortless but chic. My favorite garment I own is my Vivienne Westwood shirt. Styles can easily get lost in extravagance  but this goes with everything!

If you could give any advice to any aspiring entrepreneurs what would it be? 

Jump into it head first! You have to be willing to put in the hours. Blogs really can turn into businesses but I wouldn’t get caught up in that – you have to realize that you don’t have to know the ins and outs of everything when you start,  you can work it out  along the way.

Happy sixth month anniversary! What’s next for The Male Stylist? 

Thank you. Growing an authentic readership, hopefully it can become a publication and I will be able to build it into a career. For now i think I”d like to keep it moving forward, growing the site and it’s audience.

Being based in London must mean that you are being inspired constantly- where can we find your favorite fashion district? 

Jermyn street is a row of tailors and shoemakers, with my three brothers in the morning we take a stroll down there after a coffee. They really inspire me to be honest, they are always asking me questions! As embarrassing as it can be to admit, I love indulging in the new moisturizers ,  I think it’s important for men to step up and understand the importance of a skin regime in the Winter.


The Male Stylist is certainly an appropriate name, Adam knows the ins and outs of the fashion industry and I would lie if I said I didn’t head to T.M. Lewin after our meeting to check out the latest male trends.