4 creative ways to maintain long-distance friendships


Long-distance relationships are tough, but what about leaving your girl gang? I am pretty sure that’s even harder.

Most secondary school graduates are excited about the prospect of leaving their hometowns, but what happens when you have to let go of the friends who shaped you? Between lectures, a part-time job or even just figuring out your way, it can be hard to maintain a long-distance friendship. If texting isn’t really your thing or your wifi connection isn’t strong enough for Skype, don’t fret, there are plenty of fun ways to keep up with each other.


This world-wide phenomenon seems to have now taken over our Facebook feeds. Why? Because memes can spark new jokes and old memories. They’re quick, funny and can keep you entertained all day. We are not suggesting you base your entire long-distance friendship on meme-tagging but they can keep a memory or conversation alive in a simple and easy way.

Insta-story vlog 

Like me, starting a YouTube channel might seem really daunting. Anyone around the world could see it after all. Insta-stories though can disappear, they’re quick to record and I can even add a filter on one of my hungover or makeup-free days. Not only do they keep me connected to my life at home but I can document my new  life for my siblings and partner too.


Sending letters is so old school, it’s fun and a great way to stay in touch with someone. I also like to send small care packages just to let me home friends know I am thinking go them. You can even add stickers and send a recent photo along with it. Letters show how much you value a friendship, and are less mainstream than connecting via social media.

Spotify Playlist

Spotify is popular among students due to its cheap student discount subscription. Maintaining a personal Spotify playlist with a friend have you throwbacking to childhood memories and 90s chart-toppers. Communicating through music is a really modern tactic that can set a mood and express how you feel without actually saying anything at all.

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