How to write a resume that guarantees you the job

PC: Victoria Magrath

Writing a resume that sticks out from the pool of other potential employees can be hard. However, with our tips you will undoubtedly stand out among others.

Decide if you need a resume or a CV

Believe it or not, there is a difference between the two. They are not just two words meaning the same thing. A resume is a document that showcases work experience, education and skills. A CV is generally longer than a resume which goes into greater detail, great for academics.


List your contact information, so that you’re easily accessible

Include details such as your name, email address and phone number. Make sure you use a professional email address and not one you conjured up at 12. Social media links are fantastic too.

Tailor your experience

This section of your resume should show off any relevant experience you have, within reason. For example, if you want to become a lawyer, maybe don’t include your placement at a veterinary practice. If applying for a position in fashion, try and cover one of the fashion weeks or if hoping to become an editor look into Penguin’s schemes.

Be honest

Being honest from the start can really help you stand out. If you don’t speak fluent Italian then don’t say you do. Even if when being interviewed you are pulled up on your lack of experience, focus on your transferable skills. Time management is a great skill to have, as well as being a team player and great communicator. .

Add a special ‘you’ section

Maybe your side hustle is actually a profitable business or you have learnt to fly at University. Either way, an additional section is a great way to add in even more impressive content. Additional sections can include awards and extra curricular activities. Interesting hobbies and interests will make your resume unique and different to the other candidates applying so this will make you more memorable to the potential employer.


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