How to travel on a budget

As a wise Scriptoeris reader you would have probably have already read the other articles in this series. Now we’ll take a look at how to find fun things to do within your budget. Whether you’re a culture vulture, keen to get in touch with nature or after some thrills there are plenty of ways to find discounts for whatever you’re after.

If you’re still lucky enough to be a student then why not invest in an internation students card (ISC)? These cards work in many countries and cities all over the world. They can give you fantastic discounts on a whole range of activities as well as on some transport. You an buy them online or trough travel companies such as STA Travel. They are especially useful in popular backpack destinations such as Australia.

In some countries and cities you don’t even have to be a student to save money on attractions. The ever popular city of Paris is one city that should be at the top of any culture oriented Scriptoeris reader’s list. By simply being under 26 and an EU citizen you can gain access to all museums and galleries for free! So whether it’s Monet’s waterlilies you’re dying to see, that famous Mona Lisa smile, make sure you tell the ticket office you’re eligible for a discount and get exploring! Even if student discounts are not advertised if could be worth flashing your student status to save extra pounds!

Are you a Scriptoeris girl missing your student days like me? We needn’t worry, cheap activities are not out of our reach now we’ve donned the gown and thrown the mortar board into the air. It simply takes some research to find the best deals. Some great offers cans be found by visiting the Tourism Office. The staff are dedicated to making sure you have a memorable stay in their city for all of the right reasons and will point you on the direction of savings. For instance, in Oslo you can pick up an Oslo Pass for the duration of your visit. The Pass gives you free transport and entrance to museums and galleries all over the city. You can also save on meals and boat excursions to the islands. This is the best pass I have ever come across so let me know if any of you savvy Scriptoeris readers have come across anything similar! Either way you can be sure the Tourism Office is the best place to start.

Don’t forget about free attractions such as parks and gardens. These are often the perfect places to while away a sunny afternoon. Another tip is to put yourself on mailing lists for places you’re interested in visiting. Businesses are keen to let fans know about deals and offers and will communicate these through email. Your inbox could be the gateway to potential savings!

Simply being aware of what’s.around you could save you money on attractions. A cheap day at the dairy perhaps? Or the last Sunday of the month is free entrance? Stay aware.of what is around you and you can continue to explore new places without having to win the lottery.

How useful have you found this series? I would be grateful for any feedback either through comment of tweet me @adventurehan