How to Stop Putting Off Achieving Your Goals

achieving goals
Have you ever had a big goal for yourself that you have put off? Maybe deep down you want to start a website, a podcast or a webinar series? I have been there as well. Today, we are diving into it all. Years ago, I wanted to create an event series. You were begging me for it and I knew it would advance our goals at Smart Girl Tribe. Summer 2019, I decided to make it happen. For years I thought: “I’ve never even organised a birthday party, how could I handle this.” I had zero experience in event planning and had no clue about where to begin. Slowly but surely I started figuring it out; the venue; the invites; the props; the speakers; the celebrity guest. It all started coming together. Guess what? Our first event sold out three times and we needed to find a bigger space.

I had put it off for so long because even though there was a part of me that was really excited about it I was also scared. I didn’t have it all figured out when I set that goal for myself. It might seem that I knew but I promise you, I was completely out of my comfort zone.

We align ourselves with the eroding negative thoughts, we focus on what we don’t know rather than the skills that we do have. It’s the same process for everything we do, so many of us get caught up in what we don’t know and our inner mean girl. Guess what, it’s riskier going after your dream but even riskier not. There will always be a part of us that wants to run away but to live our best lives we have to align ourselves with the good stuff. When you’re nervous or scared to do anything, instead of letting that thought take over, start looking for:

People who can help

Resources that can help 

Actions that can help 

Email your friends, colleagues, family members and connect with like-minded people who can help you. Turn to books, podcasts and even networking events to find out more about your industry. Then, think about how it would feel if your goal or dream came true, pay attention to any negative thoughts that start coming in trying to hold you back, shut the door on them.

Feeling like this means you are human, so it’s okay. Focus on what is doable, not what isn’t. Make a conscious effort to commit to a positive mindset. I promise you that this mindset and willpower will lead to huge breakthroughs. The magic happens when you push through and yourself to achieve your goals. Moving forward is a choice, making it happen is a decision.

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