How to Still Make Changes This Year to Support Others

changesThe health crisis has changed the world already but now that we are reaching a new season, we can all start making changes that are in our control.

Again, we will never know what the future may look like but this is a starting point. People often say that nothing is ever promised. Yet, actively being conscious of our actions and how they affect others can make a change in the world. We can already see this happening since the start of COVID-19 in places, such as Italy, where “pollution levels” have dropped “across many Italian cities and rarely seen animals are roaming the deserted streets” (Bressan 1).

It is very easy to believe that a sole person cannot do anything. It may be hard to understand or believe that small impacts can make such big changes. Small, gradual steps lead to greater paths and roads less traveled by. A great example of this is the recent plastic straw ban in the United States. Many cities and businesses in the United States are banning the use of plastic straws and instead, switching to plastic. Although we may be one person drinking from a plastic straw, studies show “in just the U.S. alone,” “500 million straws are used every single day.

An example of a new movement people can get behind is respecting people’s and businesses’ wishes about wearing masks. Although a person wearing a mask may not carry COVID-19, the importance of wearing a mask is the protection it serves others around us. Humans need to stop focusing so much on ourselves, and instead, focus on others around us, creatures big and small.

Again, we have to start somewhere, so little good habits help to start big ones. If you have the reusable straw down pat, do not forget about a reusable coffee cup or water bottle. Change this year is about educating ourselves on social and environmental issues in our areas and getting excited about that education, so much so that we may educate others. Not everyone can go out and volunteer to make a change in our world. However, we can also support those people who can do something bigger, such as donations to charities.

From writing this article, I am making the change of using a reusable straw instead of the alternative being paper. I put my reusable straw in my bag, so I always have it on me. Additionally, I bought a set specifically for my car. What changes can you make today that with good habits you can keep up with?

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