How to stay present this Autumn

fallGoodbye to the Starbucks Smores Frappuccino, hello Pumpkin Spice Latte Season.
I am an Autumn girl all the way. I look forward to sweater weather every year as well as the smell of apple spice and pumpkin. However, I know it can be sad for many that the days are getting shorter, and it is becoming dark earlier.

So many people do not even give Autumn its due time. Unfortunately, an overshadowing of Christmas often haunts Halloween, extinguishing its black flame candle.

I am looking forward to sitting by the fire with friends – Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s; a pattern of excitement for most people building with a literal explosion of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Maybe what most excites people about this buildup is the ability to spend time with loved ones.

Summer may have felt like it passed a lot of people by especially because many people could not participate in their normal summer activities. For instance, I know my beach visits were limited due to social distancing measures. I am looking forward though to Fall slowing things down and cuddly sweaters.

The world is in such a delicate place right now, so people need to come together with family and friends more than ever.

It is important to stay vigilant; to keep our hopes up but realistic. Most importantly, it is important to continue to fight to keep people safe. Prepare yourself that Autumn could be different from what we are used to.  All we can do is keep a positive attitude as we fall into Autumn, and hope that the buildup we are used to continues during a time everyone needs that excitement the most.

What are you looking forward to for the Autumn season?


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