How to read a book in one sitting

Have you ever not wanted to put a book down? You feel like the rest of the world has faded and there’s only you and the story? Then you finally put the book down and realise you read the whole thing in one go. If you want to be entertained for hours on end, there are ways in which you can consciously set yourself up to read a book in one sitting. Here are our recommendations:
Set up your space
Create the right space. Finish any pending tasks, make sure you actually have time to sit down for a long read. Seek comfort, silence and good light, like a comfy recliner by the window. Avoid external distractions such as your phone or open spaces where other people can interrupt you. Get a nice drink and a good snack and you’re good to go.
Let yourself think about what you’re reading
Sometimes, we focus too much on the writing. We notice the structure of the sentences and we miss the point of the story. Let yourself think around what you’re reading; build up a visual image of each scene and drown in each one.
bookTake breaks
Reading in one sitting might be a challenge, but it’s no marathon. Take breaks whenever you feel like you need to rest a bit. Your eyesight might be strained, or you could have other humanly such as eating a meal or having a chat with a friend. There are no rules to binge reading. I would also recommend taking a break right after a dense or climactic scene and live in that moment a little, take some time to process what you have just read. You’ll start threading your own connections and you will find yourself eager to go back and keep going.
Avoid reading “in your head”
Subvocalization is your inner speech when you’re formulating the sound of each word in your mind. This is a natural cognitive process that aids concentration and comprehension. It can hinder your speed, however. If you’re not reading a complex text but are subvocalizing regardless, you might be reading slower than you need to and it can be an impediment to fully getting immersed in the story.
Select an engaging book for you
The easiest way to read a book in one sitting is to genuinely enjoy it. Pick a genre or an author that immediately grabs your attention and let go of expectations on what you should be reading. You won’t get too far if you’re plowing through a tedious or uninteresting text. Choose the book solely upon the variable of whether or not you think you’ll like it. If you want to get into the habit of reading, or back into it, best selling books are a great place to start – not only are they best sellers for a reason, they are easier to acquire and to find information about.
Happy reading.
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