How To Make Friends As An Adult

friendsOnce we’re out of our twenties, opportunities to meet new people start to get thin. Caught up in work, family and all sorts of responsibilities, we’re suddenly too busy to enrich our social networks and find new friends.

Here, Julia Dobre-Trifan, shares 5 top tips on how to find and keep new friends even when you’re an adult:

Find a home on social media 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, if you’re popular or shy; there is a social media channel to suit your personality. Find out where your people hang out online and start building an authentic presence.

Practise your values, and regularly

Shared values bring us close to our friends and keep our friendships strong. So be true to your values and invest your time and energy in honouring them. Practise your hobbies, keep up with your favourite sports, or tap into the cultural avenues of your choosing. . That’s where you’ll find your future friends.

Offer your authentic appreciation

Whenever you see someone achieving something impressive or making progress show your appreciation. Whether they’re a new person, a relative, a colleague, an acquaintance, it doesn’t matter – if they’re getting involved in something that you find beautiful and worthy, offering them your sincere recognition can open up the way for a new friendship.

Look at your past from a fresh perspective

We sometimes run into people we have drifted away from, not because we didn’t like them, but that’s what happens as our lives diverge. Don’t pass up the opportunity to rediscover an old friendship; if you run into someone you remember fondly, put the effort into a proper catch-up and find out what you still share today. You might be surprised how well you get on.

Travel…a lot.

We’re lucky to live at a time when travelling is easier than ever before. It’s also a delightful way for you to make new friends. It could be the hosts you encounter, or other tourists, or perhaps the people you travel with. Exploring nature and civilization all over this wonderful planet can help you make some of the best friends you’ll ever have.

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