How to grow closer to your friends in lockdown

It has been 50 days since lockdown began, I haven’t kept to a fitness routine and all of a sudden started baking banana bread. I have taken this time though to build my friendships.

Surprisingly, I have become a lot closer to some friends as a result of self isolation. The care packages; letters and late night voicemails to New York are now weekly activities. Perhaps one of the toughest things about lockdown for many of us is not being able to see our friends or family. This can take a real toll on our mental health, so it’s vital that we try to stay connected even if we can’t physically see people. Down below is my list of suggestions.

Video Calls

You can even use this for your elderly family members. Tools such as Zoom or Skype are a fantastic way to communicate. Every Monday I join the Oxford Circle’s coffee and chat. It is a chance to connect with old and new friends to discuss everything but COVID-19.

Doing activities online together

Even though I was sceptical at first, I have started doing a weekly quiz with my friends over Zoom. It has helped boost my mood and keep me distracted. If you have read my latest post on my relationship, you will know that my partner and I have been watching One Tree Hill over FaceTime each evening, something you could totally do with your girlfriends. You could even have a virtual dinner date or cook together via video.

Social media

Usually I wouldn’t suggest using social media to help your mental health but I’ll make an exception. Don’t forget to follow Smart Girl Tribe on Instagram for some funny memes and lots of inspirational content. You could even start an Instagram or WhatsApp group to stay connected and send each other quick videos.

Send care packages 

Isn’t it such a lovely feeling when you receive mail? Okay, maybe not bills but letters, flowers or trinkets from friends? Thanks to Izzy Bee you can make your own gift package to send to a friend or loved one. You can also decide on the price range, so whether it’s an £8 thought or £200 box of luxury, show someone you care today.

Celebrating small victories 

Personally I have found it very tricky not being able to go out and celebrate my small business wins. Usually I will have a few glasses of wine with my girlfriends or my boyfriend to celebrate our successes but given the current situation that has been impossible. I refuse to let the current situation get me down though so when something great happens I make a point to call my nearest and dearest to let them know.


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