How to Develop a Positive Mindset

mindsetOur mindset is part us us.  Your mindset is shaped by your attitude, your values and beliefs. These things all determine who you are and who you are going to be. It all links to your core identify.

First of all, do you know what mindset you have? Do you have a fixed mindset, where your ability, intelligence and talent are fixed traits? Or do you have a growth mindset, where you feel like you are constantly improving and you value effort, learning and persistence? Or do you have a benefit mindset, where you believe in development to make a difference? The truth is, it doesn’t matter what kind of mindset you have before, each kind will have its own way to challenge and question you.

Today, I am going to share how you can develop a positive mindset. Given the current circumstance, it isn’t easy but we are here to help.

Be positive.

Try to find the positives in situations that you are put in. Find small positives throughout the day. Maybe you are happy that you had another Zoom call with your family or the fact you’re helping, maybe you are just getting more washing done (and that’s definitely as task to be celebrated).

Accept challenge.

I think this one is really important especially when you find yourself on autopilot. Rise to each challenge, accept that we all have to face problems and issues. You are not defined by the challenges you face, but how you overcome each one.


Make sure that you are putting effort in. This is another thing that you can lack when you are in auto pilot. People will start noticing once you have put in more time and energy into a relationship so don’t underestimate this one.

Embrace your imperfections.

Nobody in this world is perfect, thus, you cannot expect yourself to be. Set yourself high goals and standards but remember that perfection does not exist. Embrace the little things that don’t make you ‘perfect’ and celebrate them. Celebrate being different, that is your superpower.

Be open to change.

Change is something that scares most of us in some way or another. You have to remember that change is good. It helps us grow and improve so do not see it as a negative.

Let’s focus on having a mindset for success. Use positive self-talk, believe in yourself, think big, take on one task at a time, stop competing and talk to each other. You can change and challenge your mindset and become the best version of yourself even during a pandemic. A positive mindset will train you for success, so give yourself that chance to be the best you can be.

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