How to Develop A Growth Mindset In 4 Steps

It’s all to easy to get stuck, have you ever felt like that? Feeling as though you could be doing more and you’re not living as your best self? Me too. In 2018 I decided to do some things to untangle myself from this web. When you really decide to commit to living as your best life you have to show up, these tools radically changed my life and I have no doubt they will help you too.

To get out of a rut, put affirmations everywhere. I love positive affirmations and stick them to my bedroom mirror, bathroom mirror and even on my computer. I even keep a post it note in my phone case which says: ‘Redefine the Impossible’. The reason being is every thing I have achieved I was once told would be impossible so this reminds me to take action. This is about immersing yourself in ideas and words that push you into an expansive mindset.

Listen to guided visualisations. These are not meditations. A guided visitation is a track or piece that will condition your mind for success. You can easily record it yourself on your phone or Google it. In it, you should ask yourself ‘What would my dream life look like?’, ‘Who am I friends with?’, ‘What does my job look like?’  Undoubtedly, this is the most powerful activity I carry out.

Feed your mind with positive content. With 500 million people using instagram alone, it’s no surprise that it can leave us feeling deflated. There are no excuses though, start listening to inspirational podcasts and audiobooks. Buy books that will help you get unstuck, and use social media to expand your mind. My favourite gurus to follow are Brendon Burchard, Ed Mylett and Gabrielle Bernstein. Be sure to let me know in the comments what your favourite personal growth book is.

Implement a strong morning routine

Every morning I have a 5-5-5 rule.  5 dreams, 5 steps, 5 things I am grateful for. I write 5 dreams I have for myself and 5 steps I need to take to achieve them.  When you have clarity you are creating awareness. Get clear on the action you need to take to create the life of your dreams. Have fun.


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